Thursday, February 8, 2007

A place for news

Hey folks,

This blog is intended to be a place for news, results and various activities by the Charlotte County Track Club located in good ole Charlotte County, NB.

The idea being that since a blog is easy to use and put up pictures and information on the web and will also allow visitors to leave comments and suggestions.

First up we'll introduce a few people involved with the club whose main goal is to promote athletics in our area.
  • Head Coach - Verne Cunningham

  • Officials - Brian Frost

  • Member at Large - Kurt Gumushell

  • Secretary/Treasurer - Mike Power
Our main event each year is the St. Andrews Father's Day road race but we also are involved in the Run-Jump-Throw program from Athletics New Brunswick, the Legion Zone Meets, Coaching and Officials Clinics and supporting various local athletes.

So leave us your comments and keep active!

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